Image is worth a thousand words. A contemporary customer wants to learn fast, how your product can help him or her. We perfectly know, what is the value of a well-prepared video material, which will tell the story of your brand, present offered services in an easy way or show, how you keep developing your company with success.

In particular, a film presenting a solution, on which you work is extremely important in the case of new technologies. Innovations require individual attitude, understanding how they operate, how they can be applied. Then it is work to explain it in a clear way.

Advertising spots and videos


We provide complex production from A to Z. Starting from a concept, a scenario, a story boarding, through production, organisation of a movie set and up to post-production and preparing broadcast files (CINEMA, TV, Internet).

Do you need to achieve unique result, which will differentiate your advertising spot from the others? We are able to meet your expectations by using 2D and 3D animations.



Creating television programmes hides no secrets from us. We have co-operated with many television stations in this scope.

Do you have footage, which requires video and sound editing? We will produce material for you, ready for both Internet and television broadcast.

Do you need a video?

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