Communication workshop – everything you need to know

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. Hard not to agree with that, right? How many times we caught ourselves having no idea what’s going on, even though during team meetings everything seemed so clear? And how many times what we thought was right, happened to differ from the thing we were supposed to do? Communication is key to any development, not only within a group of people but also when it comes to customer – company relations. Institutions that pay attention to efficient and coherent communication appeal to be trustworthy and likeable for the clients, which in turn, results in financial performance improvements. And isn’t that what business development is all about? That is why communication workshop should be the first stage of the brand image building process.


Communication workshop

Communication workshop – what is it about?

In Come Creations Group one of the key elements of the cooperation with a client is conducting a creativity workshop. It aims to develop a communication strategy that is not only efficient but also consistent, understandable and powerful. Usually, the workshop can be led offline (2 days, 4 hours per day) or online (1 day, 8 hours).

You might ask what is a company communication then. Basically, it’s everything a firm informs its customers about – and by any means. No matter if we’re talking about the ads, social media, interviews in magazines – it’s all a way to express company’s services, values, aims etc. It might seem easy to plan but taking into consideration all the goals one wants to achieve it gets puzzling and hard to take care of without any help. And this is when a company should hire professionals AKA us.


communication workshop

Communication workshop – what’s the reason behind it?

Communication workshop is a very useful tool whose main goal is to raise people’s awareness of the brand – its products, its services, even its logo can be good enough sometimes. The workshop happens to be the most meaningful step to organize communication and design a communication strategy in the company. That’s why it should, in our belief, take place at the very beginning of the cooperation.

During the workshop we talk about:

  • brand’s personality, its mission, vision and goals,
  • brand’s efforts taken so far
  • competitors’ activity
  • specific ideas for communication (taking into account timing and personas)
  • biggest communication challenges
  • who, when and how would talk about the brand.


Personal branding of company’s employees is also as important as the topics mentioned above. Whatever they post can affect the firm as well.

Conducting the communication workshop is crucial for ongoing cooperation between CCG and a company and it’s essential for planning months ahead. During the meeting we talk about the best actions a firm can perform and we make recommendations based on received data and our experience.


Growing interest and loyalty to the brand

One of the most fundamental topics discussed during communication workshop is growing interest in company’s services or products and increasing loyalty to the brand. Finding a way to draw potential clients’ attention to what the firm is producing or providing is nowadays one of the biggest challenges. And we all know that the bigger attention a company receives the more clients it has and the better it operates.

And how to grow that popularity? You should think about it at the start – to show yourself as a good company you need good communication at first, the one that is coherent, loud and clear. Otherwise your future customers won’t bother with an enterprise that provides blurred information about itself all over the internet (or any other media).



communication workshop

And after the workshop?

We need a while to let all of the data sink in and think about the strategy. Afterwards, we prepare a presentation filled with the workshop summary, ideas, actions discussed in the meeting. Then we send it to the client and … we get the ball rolling 😉



There are multiple reasons to take part in the communication workshop. The presentation consisting of brand analysis, goals, ideas and possible company’s actions made by CCG is a foundation of cooperation. The only thing left to do is to bring that presentation to life and if everything goes according to the plan – wait for the effects. The communication workshop helps to establish what a firm truly needs and how to make it happen. Thanks to teamwork and good communication one can achieve way more than expected.