Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: 6 reasons why you should appear in

The survey for the international Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report has been activated!  Are you wondering if you should submit an application and become a part of Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report.  As you may already know, the only requirement is to be a woman who works in a managerial position in the new technologies/IT industry (C-Level, director or head position).


Whether you are 99% sure to do it, or you’re not so confident if you want to take this commitment, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to worry and you should apply right after reading this article. We will show you 6 reasons why it is a good idea to appear in the Report and we are certain there are even more.


Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report


Reason #1 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will expand your reach

The aim of the Report is to present images of women who found themselves in the new technologies industry all around the world. It is you – the Strong Women – who will be the main characters of the project. You will get to tell your story, promote your business, tell the readers what you are planning in the future and why you love what you do. Presence in media, speeches at conferences, building the image of an expert – that’s part of our work to create Role Models as „Strong Women in IT”. Our previous reports had a couple thousands of downloads only in Poland. This year we are going global and the report’s main language will be English, so the potential for a wide audience is significant. You can help us to promote the Report even more, by sharing it once it’s out.


Reason #2 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will grow your worldwide contact network

International contacts are important and you know it! Do you work with foreign clients? If not yet, who knows when your business will grow enough to expand your activities globally. Having acquaintances in other countries may come handy anytime! We want to build bridges between different sectors of the industry – seeing you partner up with other women from the Report will be the best reward for our work.


Reason #3 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will get inspired

Women who will appear in our Report will share how they succeeded in the new technologies industry and tell us what challenges they met on their way. You may be wondering, what questions we are going to ask our respondents. Here are some of them:

How did you get into the tech industry?
What do you consider to be your most outstanding professional achievement?
What advice would you give someone who’s beginning their professional career, and why?

These are not all of the questions, but we want to keep the rest as a surprise. Whether you are at the beginning of your career path, or you find yourself fulfilled, it will be a stirring experience to hear stories and opinions of other women from the industry.


Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report


Reason #4 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will become an inspiration

Doesn’t every one of us dream of becoming a role model and an inspiration for younger and less experienced members of the community? Inspiration doesn’t only come from great success. Whether you want to share the biggest challenge you’ve met on your way or tell us about your greatest ups and downs – there might be someone out there only waiting to hear what you have to say. Each of us has learned something already and would probably pay a lot to hear the advice we are giving to others right now when we were beginners.


Reason #5 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will get an insight view on the industry

Apart from the questions listed above, we are also planning to collect responses to several anonymous questions regarding women in the new technologies industry. You will have a great opportunity to find out how others work, what are the most common attitudes and practices, what backgrounds women from the industry have. Some of the topics in the survey will be:

  1. How do you gain knowledge regarding new technologies?
  2. What influences the success of women in business?
  3. Do women in business support one another, in your opinion?
  4. What was your major?
  5. Are you a member of any business support organization? E.g., a Club, Foundation, Association, educational initiative.
  6. For over a year, we have been living in a pandemic. What business lessons have you learned in this new situation?

We know how important it is to keep up with the industry and follow actual trends. This Report will give you relevant insight on the top issues in other countries, but first, we need your help to make it real!


Reason #6 Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report: You will take part in creating a supportive global community

From the beginning of the Strong Women in IT initiative we have been certain of our goals. One of them is to create a community that will gather women working in the new technologies industry. We have succeeded in building such a community in Poland. Now we want to expand it and get together female leaders, entrepreneurs, students from all over the world. Let’s help each other promote our projects, cooperate, reach out for advice and expand our reach. You support our initiative, we help you promote yours! It is that easy!


Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report

We hope this article convinced you to send your application and become a part of the Strong Women in IT 2021 Global Report. Now your only question must be “How to apply?”. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Visit the application page 
  2. Fill in 2 parts of the survey and send your answers to us.
  3. Wait for an email with further steps. We will contact the candidates within 3 days after applying.
  4. Done! Now you can share the information with women from your community, who could appear in our Report as well! You can also surprise them by filling in the nomination form and the organizers will contact the woman of your choice within 3 days and invite her to participate in the report.

If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!
Write us an email
Or text us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.