We obtained almost 200 texts on outsourcing of IT specialists and education in programming for Connectis and reached the value of 500 000 PLN in half a year only. The total coverage of our publications was 4 mln.

How did we achieve it? Some people say that succeeding in communicating a given company depends on a topic. If its content is interesting, catchy and trendy, then, publications will sell like hot cakes to editorial offices. Obviously, there is a grain of truth in this saying, as each journalist seeks novelties. That was a case with Connectis.

What if a given topic is not a novelty and has been on everyone’s lips already?

What should you do to make others see valuable potential in the topic you want to communicate?

Our goal was to draw attention to the topic of education in programming and outsourcing of IT specialists. The topics are interesting, yet not so much controversial and interesting as e.g., Bitcoin or intentional slowing down of older versions of. However, we managed to prepare media communication of Connectis company in such a way that the whole Poland talked about their operations for the last six months!

Check the five tips on how to talk about IT:

  1. Have a holistic approach to a topic

Such a holistic approach will let you look at your topic one more time in a more subjective way. There is a chance that you may notice something which you haven’t seen before. Maybe you will find an issue which could draw media attention? Look at the topic as if you were to write about the innovation which has potential to revolutionise the market. Thanks to a well-prepared topic a journalist will gain recognition and have the expert position.

Topic: IT industry/sector, training classes for future programmers

Objective: Would you like to see the articles about your company published on the portals with wide coverage, e.g., Money or Puls Biznesu?


  • Read as many articles from a given portal as possible -it will help you avoid writing about topics which are already covered. It will also help you discover the manner in which a given editorial office communicates its news!
  • Find a journalist who is interested in a given topic and send him or her a few specific and new offers with your creative and fresh opinions.
  1. Talk to journalists in such a way as to attract their interest instead of scaring them away

The topics you deal with are difficult to understand? Try to talk about them in the simplest and clearest possible way. People tend to scare away from things they do not understand or which are not strictly related with their industry. Think for a while on how you would like to learn about a given issue? The easiest way is to illustrate it with easy, real life examples.

Here are some examples on how to attract a journalist’s attention in a non-standard way:

  • The profession of a programmer is the most desirable profession in the world. How does this situation influence the contemporary labour market? Connectis expert interview.
  • Nowadays, more and more people are changing their professions for IT specialists. Will this fact have any impact on computer science studies?
  • Will IT courses quickly replace five-year studies? Connectis case study.

Once a journalist is interested in the topic:

You can recommend an expert who will be able to provide more information on this topic.

  1. Prepare key concepts in your e-mail

Prepare carefully and precisely the most important issues related to your topic. If an editor decides to start cooperation with you to write an article – it is important that no information is omitted by him or her. The simplest ideas are often the best. For you they can be obvious, but, believe me, journalists love basic and interesting topics from which they can start a conversation with our guest. They also like the topics which will attract readers and encourage them to continue reading.


  1. A day before an interview call the journalist

A non-binding and relaxing conversation with a sense of humour one day before an interview will let you make sure that everything you have prepared is sufficient and ready. Maybe the journalist needs a few more interesting topics? The IT sector is full of interesting topics! Example? Until 2020 USA and UE will have lacked almost one million programmers and free training classes will be a good solution for this problem. Is it interesting? That’s an understatement.

  1. Thank for devoted time one day after an interview/a publication

In this way you open doors for future cooperation. If an editor feels that you are reliable and professional and (what is even more important!) that you have a kind approach to cooperation, he or she would like to repeat it in the future.

Come Creations Group closed this year with the advertising equivalent worth over half a million PLN for the Connectis company. We had half a year to achieve this result This time was sufficient for us to prove effectiveness and show Poles that the topic of education of future programmers is an interesting topic and that the IT market keeps changing and is continuously shaped.

The experience we gain gives us a very important lesson. There are no hard, incomprehensible or uninteresting topics. Everything depends on creative and non-standard approach which goes beyond our comfort zone.

Is our work interesting for you? Would you like to check us in practice?

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