Wtórpol is the leader of the Polish recycling market. The company processes 300 tons of clothing and exports its products to 30 countries around the world every day. Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are carried out through its ECO TEXTIL foundation. Since 2012 the foundation has been helping people with disabilities by providing them with material and financial support.

You will exchange old clothes for a three-wheeled bike!
Interest in the recycling process is growing, which brings great benefits to people and the environment. Old clothes thrown into containers are used in the recycling process and thus they do not end up in the trash, where they are of no use. The promotion of ecological behavior works especially now, when people decide to exchange their wardrobe.

Clothes from containers

What happens with clothes that go to containers? As much as 70% of clothes are recycled, while the rest is intended for the sale of clothing discount stores. A large part of the clothes thrown into containers is not suitable for use, therefore it is used and processed into high-calorific fuel by Wtórpol. Thanks to such solutions, not only a recycling company gains, but also people in need.

Foundation’s activity

The Eco Textil Foundation founded by Wtórpol company, whose motto is “FROM YOU AND FOR YOU”, focuses primarily on helping disabled people. Part of the money from the sale of clothes goes to charity. It is all kinds of help – in addition to providing free bicycles, the Foundation transfers money to those in need, as well as gifts for shelters.

The Foundation’s activity contributes to the elimination of architectural and educational barriers faced by people with disabilities. The Eco Textil Foundation provides bicycles for disabled people free of charge. The Foundation has already handed over 4,600 three-wheeled bicycles with a market value of over PLN 10 million.

Activities we performed for Eco Textil Foundation:

  • Maintaining a positive image in social media.
  • Running promotional campaigns - in particular, for Eco Textil’s pioneering project of free rehabilitation bicycle rentals in Poland.
  • Enabling communication between the users and Eco Textil foundation.
  • Building a community of committed users.