Talent Place – rollout of the term “crowdstaffing”

The Talent Place goals we have achieved through partnership and cooperation with the media:

  • Informing potential users about the platform
  • Supporting in gaining new employees for the platform
  • Making platform a so-called “first in mind” platform in the area of ​​crowdstaffing

The Talent Place platform uses the idea of ​​crowdstaffing. It is an innovative method of gathering mobile recruiters from around the country and outsourcing them to personalized projects. HR workers from platforms acquire applications from potential employees. Applications using social media channels and making use of their own network of contacts. What distinguishes a company from its competition is the increased efficiency and the ability to find passive candidates.

Come Creations Group is up-to-date with the latest technological solutions and actively promotes trends that have the potential to revolutionize the market. Thanks to the co-operation with Come Creations Group, platform began to be regarded as a pioneer in the area of ​​crowdstaffing in Poland and its recognition has increased significantly.