If we had to describe in one word our cooperation with Hi’Shine (Laundry Locker), it would definitely be “creativity”.

Hi’Shine has been present in Warsaw for two years and made the city life much easier. It provides people with innovative laundry and ironing services – all within the Smart Living concept with which more and more Poles are identifying every year.

Hi’Shine inspires us by its simplicity and ingenuity every day. It stimulates our creativity.

Our co-operation with Hi’Shine:

  • Running profiles on social platforms (Instagram and Facebook).
  • Editing entries, responding to inquiries and moderating discussions on web forums.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Finding new solutions in the field of Social Media and implementation of the best and most beneficial practices.
  • Running promotional campaigns on Facebook.
  • … and also running creative Public Relations activities in cooperation with the media and influencers.

Creative Public Relations Campaigns:


Have you ever wondered what are the meanings of care symbols on your garments? #Metkotikony is a funny way to show what you can do with your free time when you use Laundry.

On October 10th, 2016, we sent personalized postcards and stickers with metkotikons from Hi’Shine to a group of influencers. The aim was to show what they can do instead of doing the washing and ironing. The campaign aimed to encourage the use of the Hi’Shine Laundry Lockers.



On August 10th, 2016, we sent personalized letters and sunloungers from Hi’Shine to the group of influencers in order to encourage them to use Hi’Shine Laundry Locker.


This is our newest PR campaign which has already met with great interest and positive feedback from the media, customers and the potential customers of the Hi’Shine company.

What should you do with an ironing board if you don’t need to do the ironing anymore, because you have your Hi’Shine Laundry? This question has as many answers as many creative people start thinking about it. A surfing board? A TV stand? Or maybe a piece of designer furniture in your living room?